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My name is Graham Towns and I am the President/CEO of Triple R Inc. I am a Waste & Asset Management & Consultation Company in Alberta, Canada. I have worked for and managed various recycling companies in Alberta and even working with some now for the last 7 Years. I have come to a realization that a lot of the public, small businesses and even large corporations lack the knowledge and interest with seeking outside sources to help increase business.

With this I am willing to offer my knowledge and services for low and un-defeated prices and even commission work to help boost businesses putting more money into companies, owners, and shareholders hands. I currently have come to advice and work with many companies on waste & asset management increasing profit yields and high returns on various materials from metal pipe to plate and even scrap and recyclable materials like tricone drill bits, computers/IT even analytical equipment.

I strive to boost economies and give businesses more breathing room and capabilities to work effectively in any market circumstance.

Graham Towns ~ Triple R Inc.

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